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cleddau music makers rehearsing for bridgiing the water in november 2008

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Rite of passage aims to involve all sectors of the community in a bi-annual programme of public and community art projects exploring Neyland's unique heritage.

Migration: Echoes and traces, the community arts festival in the Autumn of 2010 celebrated the creativity of people of all ages involving them in diverse creative projects including:

hands up for neyland : a temporary public artwork made up of a set of ten 3 metre silk flags read more

salt in the air: a music project involving pupils from years 5 and 6 in Neyland Community School writing and performing sea shanties

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tales of neyland: a storytelling project gathering memories, stories, historical anecdotes and poems to be included in a collection

the way we see it: an exhibition of photographs by young people from Neyland Youth Club exploring their perceptions of Neyland read more


The first festival in 2008 centred on three linked community arts projects:

tales from the sea: a community film project working with older members of the community read more

me and my town: a visual arts project working with year 6 pupils in Neyland Community school read more

bridging the water: a traditional music project working with local musicians read more




Self portraits by Year 6 pupils Neyland Community School
October 2008

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