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From left Jenny Rayner from Brunel Festival Association, Nia Metcalfe and Wiard Sterk from SAFLE and
Simon Hancock (BFA) visiting the proposed site 21 October 2008

Rite of passage aims to commission a programme of public art including a landmark permanent artwork of the highest possible quality by an artist with an international reputation.

With support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation the Association worked with independent consultants SAFLE ( an independent public art
consultancy whose mission was to promote, advocate, develop and implement art in the urban and rural public realm, throughout Wales and internationally) to develop the project and engage the community in the process of commissioning a programme of public artworks.

A second consultant, Gill Hedley, the former head of the Contemporary Arts Society was funded to raise the profile of the project in the Arts world, identify a shortlist of possible Artists and explore funding possibilities.

From October 2010 SAFLE have ceased to operate and once Migration; Echoes and traces- the community arts festival has taken place, the steering group will take some time out to review and update its 3 year plan with a view to taking the public art programme forward.

The three year programme is available to download here.




proposed site for the commission
brunel quay
view of the site from the foreshore

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