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The way we see it is a digital photography project devised by Pip Lewis and Sharron Harries. Based in Neyland Youth Centre, the project aimed to engage young people living in and around Neyland as part of the rite of passage community arts Festival in October 2010.

The first session started with a presentation about photography, looking at a wide range of  national and international photographers and discussing the different contexts in which the photographs were taken. Following on from this there was a discussion about the first theme given to the young people to base their photographs on, which was; positive and negative images of Neyland.

At the start of subsequent sessions all the photos that had been taken were downloaded and the group were encouraged to critique the images. The potential of cropping images was explored as well as colour versus black and white photography.

The main focus of the brief for the remaining sessions was the portrayal of themselves and the places that have significance for them using their artistic skills in a distinctive way.

In the last two sessions a selection process was introduced, using their critical skills to make choices of which photographs they would like to use for the exhibition, an accompanying set of postcards and an on-line gallery.

The exhibition of 15 professionally printed and mounted photographs, will be displayed at Neyland Library in October/November 2010 and in addition 250 sets of 16 postcards will be widely disseminated throughout the town, providing a platform for the perspectives of the young people involved.

An on-line gallery on the photo sharing website flickr has been set up to showcase the work produced for the exhibition here as well as displaying the work selected for the postcards here and a further portfolio of work selected from all the other pictures taken during the project here


the way we see it is supported by the milford haven port authority through its community support fund