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Tales from the sea is a community film documenting the evolution of the riteofpassage community heritage and public art project.

The film was made by Sharron Harris during September and October 2008, to coincide with the opening of an exhibition celebrating the historic links between Neyland and Ireland in Neyland Town Library.

The initial starting point for the film was the human stories behind things that have survived from the period including letters, photographs, family heirlooms etc.

As the project unfolded the film evolved into a documentary of the project as a whole, linking other elements of the community heritage and public art project by providing:

  • a showcase for traditional music on the sound track of the film
  • a documentary of the opening of the historical exhibition
  • an introduction to the work of year six pupils from Neyland Community School in their visual arts project exploring their sense of place

The film was previewed at the opening of the second phase of the Neyland-Ireland exhibition in Neyland Library in November 2008 and will go on to be part of the touring exhibition to Waterford that is being rescheduled for Spring 2010.

Copies of the film are available for loan through Neyland library. An edited extract of the film is available here